SHUTTER: 1/1000
ISO: 100

11.22.17 - 11.26.17

This past Thanksgiving break, my family drove all the way from our small town in Northern Idaho to Eugene, Oregon. We had decided to spend the holiday with my brother who currently attends the University of Oregon. I put together this short travel diary to show just how drastically the terrain changes during the drive.

Additionally, I get a lot of questions on Instagram about editing and camera equipment and decided to delve into that a little too, while not revealing ALL of my secrets. Ha! I took the majority of these through a dirty car window / through the sun roof on our car. Because we were moving quickly I used a pretty high shutter speed to compensate. For a select few of the photos I have included the VSCO presents that I used when editing. For Instagram I do most of my editing with VSCO and a few other editing apps. While I have a select few filters that are normally my go-to's, with landscape and travel photography it really depends on my mood, the composition, and colors already present in the photo. I have included a few of the filters I used for the edits I posted to Instagram, as well as why / when I like to use said filters. Hope that helps all you out there who were curious about editing techniques! 

Over the course of this 8-hour journey, the landscape shifts and takes on many different forms. The first half of the drive takes you through the channeled scablands, an area in Eastern Washington that stretches on for nearly 2,000 square miles. This terrain was formed by a series of cataclysmic floods over the course of a 2,000 year period and is the closest representation we have to certain landforms on Mars. I have always loved driving through this part of the Pacific Northwest. While much of the terrain is treeless and barren, there is something about its desolation that is truly breathtaking. 

For the photo above and the two photos that follow I used the J5 preset in VSCO. I like to use the J's when I'm going for a more muted color palette. The J5 tone also subtly brings out orange / red tones in a photo while keeping the rest of the image cool, so I wanted to use it on this photo to bring out the orange tones seen in the grass. You can see the settings I used on my camera above as well.


SHUTTER: 1/1000
ISO: 100

As soon as you begin to enter into the Columbia River Basin, the landscape shifts. Nearly every time I have driven through this area a proverbial fog seems to blanket the horizon. The shot above was taken through our moving car's window just as we were crossing bridge into the Tri-Cities area. The fog creates a haze that makes for some very interesting photography. For this photo, I knew I wanted to use a filter that really brought out the warmth of the red tones because the rest of the image had a colder feel to it. The C's in VSCO are great for bringing out color in an image, however, they tend to bump the saturation up a little to much for my taste. My remedy for this problem is to either desaturate or else take the filter halfway instead of the full 12+. Quite a few of the photos from this set were edited using this filter as well....perhaps you can tell which ones? 


My favorite part of the trip does not come until the very tail end, just as you enter into the Portland area. Drastic changes can be seen during this portion of the drive, as the green, lush, flora and fauna of Oregon finally make an appearance. Lucky for me we hit standstill traffic just as we were entering into an area with waterfall galore. These falls can be seen from the comfort of your own car, no joke. The cliffs jot straight up from the ground next to the freeway, cascading waterfalls mile after mile. The image below is actually of Multnomah Falls, I'm sure you've heard of them or seen photos of them all over Instagram as they are a pretty popular tourist destination in this area. The exit to see the falls was closed when we were driving past, but I did manage to snap the image below from the top of our car's sunroof! 


After spending Thanksgiving in Eugene Oregon, we did manage to make one small trip out to the coast of Oregon near Florence. The drive from Eugene to Florence is beautiful as well and only takes about an hour and a half to complete. We played two-hand-touch football on the beach and watched the sun set over the beautiful dunes that line the coast near this area. One of my favorite things to shoot at the ocean is people's silhouettes. The contrast in scale of these silhouettes against the vastness of the ocean coupled with the contrast in color against the bright sky draws the eye in and creates an air of mystery, that I DIE for. Hoping to plan a trip for next year and continue my explorations of this gorgeous part of the country.